Sisei Mexico

The trip

The trip from Melbourne Australia to Culiacán is actually quite long (15hours to Los Angeles and then 6 hours to Culiacán). Ofcourse most places from down under are actually quite far so this is not much different.

  • As an aussie you need to get ESTA which you can apply online to travel through USA to anywhere.
  • The Melbourne airport provided me with this link so if it changes you can always ask them. Note that they warned me that just googling for ESTA can give you the wrong link so be mindful.
  • It costs 14USD and is easy enough to fill.

The conference

The conference is held at one of the campuses of Tecnológico Nacional de México. The main audience are the teachers and the student from various university campuses around Culiacán.


In short if you get a chance to present at SiSei, go for it. You will not regret it 🌹. Other people that have presented include Richard Stallman and Guy Kawasaki ❤️.



That TypeScript Guy #DefinitelyTyped, #PicnicSoftware

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